Singapore Airlines AppChallenge 2023 - Tertiary Student Track

Calling all Tertiary Students across the globe! Submit your ideas by 25 June 2023 and stand to win amazing prizes and internship opportunities.


APIs and tutorials available for the Singapore Airlines AppChallenge 2023 participating teams.


Singapore Airlines API


As part of SIA's KrisConnect Programme, you can get access to SIA's information and functionalities to improve your customer experience. SIA has made this possible by developing APIs, both the industry standard NDC API as well as SIA proprietary APIs which provide real-time information and functionalities to improve the customer experience across the travel journey.

From flight booking related APIs, loyalty programme APIs, to New Distribution Capabilities (NDC) APIs to enhance the booking experience and capabilities of your solution. Register now to get access to them!

Useful Links to get started:

Design Guidelines and Assets

You may visit Singapore Airlines Design language centre for guidelines and assets.

Singapore Airlines API

Voice SDK

Voice SDK is a tool for game developers that allows you to create voice experiences in your VR and MR games. It adds voice recognition and natural language processing features. You don't need AI/ML knowledge. Voice SDK works with Meta Quest headsets, mobile devices, and other platforms. The documentation explains setup, integration, tutorials, and best practices.

To get started with Voice SDK, you can explore our comprehensive documentation. It provides detailed instructions on setting up Voice SDK, integrating it into your project, and offers helpful tutorials and best practices.

Interaction SDK

Interaction SDK is a library of components designed for game developers to enhance user interactions in their experiences. It offers controllers and hand interactions like ray, poke, and grab, optimised for Meta Quest devices. The SDK includes hand-specific interaction models, pose and gesture detection, and visual affordances tailored for hands.

To explore Interaction SDK further, we have a detailed tutorial. that guides you through building intuitive interactions in VR. For more in-depth information on getting started, setting up, tutorials, and best practices when integrating interactions into your experiences, visit our documentation.

Passthrough SDK

Passthrough provides a real-time and perceptually comfortable 3D visualisation of the physical world in the Meta Quest headsets. The Passthrough API allows developers to integrate the passthrough visualisation with their virtual experiences.

For more information, please refer to our documentation.

Spatial Anchors SDK

Spatial anchors are world-locked frames of reference you can use as origin points to position content that can persist across sessions. This persistence is done by creating a spatial anchor at a specific 6DOF pose (position and orientation) and then placing virtual content relative to it. When you use spatial anchors, you can resume mixed reality sessions and restore content to the same real-world locations where users left them.

For more information, please refer to our documentation.


Zoom Video SDK by ZOOM

Zoom Video SDK allows developers to accelerate development and build fully customisable video-based applications with the performance, scale, and reliability of Zoom's industry-leading video-first communications platform. Zoom Video SDK enables the following functionality in your applications such as launching a video communication session instantly, share screen, sending instant chat messages during video sessions and many more.

Free 100,000 video minutes per month to help you build your prototype

Useful links to get started with Zoom Video SDK:


Amadeus for Developers 

Amadeus for Developers is an open API platform that makes it quick and easy to connect to Amadeus APIs and start building new solutions. On the developer portal, you can get instant access to a catalog of Self-Service APIs offering travel data and functionalities for every step of the journey - from inspiration and artificial intelligence-derived travel insights, to flight and hotel booking or information about tourist attractions or local safety – as well as documentation, guides, tutorials and more to help you get started quickly.

Find out more from the following resources(see below for tutorial videos):

Connect with the Amadeus for Developers community:

API Tutorials

Participate in our API Tutorials to gain some skills!

Getting Started with Amadeus Self-Service Travel APIs

Learn how to quickly start building your travel app with Amadeus Self-Service APIs. This guide will cover creating your free account, getting your API key and making your first call.

Flight Booking Engine 101

Learn more about Amadeus Self-Service APIs which is designed to target businesses that are new to travel. You will receive access to basic feature were you will be able to test, build and deploy your application.