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    Be Part of SIA’s Digital Transformation

    The App Challenge 2017 is over! Thank you to all participants and sponsors for your support. You may click here to view the highlights for the event.

AppChallenge 2017

Based on the theme of ‘Be Part of SIA's Digital Transformation’, participants were provided 10 real-world business challenges related to the aviation industry and had to demonstrate their skill and creativity in developing digital applications. 88 participants and 23 teams took part in the San Francisco Overseas Preliminary round, which took place on 14 - 15 October 2017.

The winning team of the San Francisco Preliminary round was Team SEA Minervans, comprising of Michelle Lee, Wei-Ting Yap, Amalanand Muthukumaran and Zheng Xin Yong.

Business Challenges

The theme for this year’s SIA App Challenge is “Be Part of SIA’s Digital Transformation”. The business challenges are focused on two areas – Customer and Operations. Here's a sneak peek into the challenges, more will be revealed at the kick-off!


The Singapore Stopover Holiday (SSH) currently requires passengers to collect a pack of vouchers and brochures on arrival. It is a challenge to keep them updated on special events and operation hours of tourist attractions. How can we make this more seamless for our customers?

Setting up seat displays at trade shows and corporate events overseas is costly and logistically complicated. It also has limited marketing outreach. How can we make the displays more accessible for our customers and agents?

Youths are not necessarily attracted to the KrisFlyer programme. How can we introduce gamification and digital elements into the current programme to gain awareness and build brand loyalty among youths?

Customers visit our service centre to get assistance with bookings. Waiting time can be varied and long, and sometimes, interaction over the counter may be transactional with no personal element. How can customer experience at service centres be enhanced with the help of technology?

Airlines have common platforms such as website, mobile app, chatbots etc to allow customers to book their flights. What are some other new booking platforms we can introduce to our customers?

Passengers’ contact information is often missing or inaccurate in their bookings. It is therefore difficult to ensure accurate information during flight disruptions. It involves considerable amount of manual effort to update this information. How can we ensure we have this data and keep our customers updated in a delay?


Inaccurate dimensions between booking and submission of cargo shipments can cause inefficient allocation of valuable aircraft space. How can we get more accurate dimensions and optimise our revenue?

There are thousands of serviceware items (e.g crockery, glassware) used on every flight. Inventory imbalances can build up at different locations over time. How can we track such serviceware and optimise our inventory to minimize wastage?

Repairing cabin defects (e.g broken tray tables) is part and parcel of engineering operations. Keeping track and ensuring speedy rectification for such defects for each aircraft is logistically challenging for our various teams and service providers (e.g SIAEC). How can we manage this digitally and keep the number of defects to a minimal level?

As the icon of our industry-leading brand of service, the recruitment of cabin crew is carried out meticulously through many rounds of selection. With over a thousand candidates in each exercise, this can be resource intensive and time consuming. How can we improve this recruitment process and at the same time inspire more millennial to be part of the cabin crew?

Click here for more details on the business challenges.

# Due to the technical complexity of these challenges, teams attempting these challenges will get an additional 20% bonus points.

Event Details


Event Kick-Off

14 Oct 2017

Venue: BLOCK71, San Francisco

Address: 162 - 164 S Park St, San Francisco, CA 94107

  • Registration
  • Presentations on airline domain knowledge and our specific business challenges

Event Judging

15 Oct 2017

Venue: BLOCK71, San Francisco

Address: 162 - 164 S Park St, San Francisco, CA 94107

  • Presentation and demonstration of prototypes
  • Judging and presentation of prizes


Event Kick-off

Saturday, October 14th

  • 0900: Doors open, check-in
  • 1000: Opening remarks
    • Keynote, Airline Business Perspective
    • Business Challenges Unveiled
  • 1200: Hackathon begins
  • 2200: BLOCK71 San Francisco closes, last call

Event Judging

Sunday, October 15th

  • 0800: Doors open
    • Team Sign-Up
  • 1100: Sign-Up close
  • 1300: App presentations & judging
  • 1700: Winners are announced

Business Value


User Experience

Technical Competency



Overseas Preliminary Round

Return air ticket for Finale on 28 Oct. Accommodation provided.


2 x iPad and 1 x iPad Pro

Lucky Draw Prizes

Open Category

Return air ticket for all team members to any Singapore Airlines destination and team prize of SGD5,000 cash

Grand Prize

Team prize of SGD3,000

Second Prize

Team prize of SGD1,500

Third Prize

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3. Kenneth Ham – sia_appchallenge@kennetham.com


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