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    Be Part of SIA’s Digital Transformation

    App Challenge 2017 is over! We thank you for your support. You may click here to view the highlights for the event.

AppChallenge 2017

Based on the theme of ‘Be Part of SIA's Digital Transformation’, participants were provided 10 real-world business challenges related to the aviation industry and had to demonstrate their skill and creativity in developing digital applications. Participants prepared themselves by signing up for technical workshops and engaged SIA's business units. In the finale on Saturday, 28 October 2017, more than 190 students from 9 Singapore-based universities and polytechnics participated under the Student Category. Another 139 participants took part in the Open Category. One qualifying team from San Francisco and Jakarta were fast-tracked to the Finals.

The winning team of the Student Category won a trip to Silicon Valley in the US, the global capital of technology and innovation. The second and third place teams won 50,000 and 30,000 KrisFlyer miles, respectively.

For the Open Category, the winning team walked away with the grand prize of a Singapore Airlines return ticket each to any destination that the Airline flies to as well as SGD5,000. The second and third place teams won SGD3,000 and SGD1,500 respectively.

Student Category


Team Synthesis

Names of team members:

  • Tze How Lee
  • Yustynn Panicker
  • Navnidh Bhalla
  • Stephen Chua

First Runner-up

Team Economy Class

Names of team members:

  • Vivek Kalyan Sureshkumar
  • Aravind Kandiah
  • Wei Ren Chan
  • Charles Wong

Second Runner-up

Team SIAnsation

Names of team members:

  • Yee Daniel Sebastian
  • Quek Yufei
  • Ko Johann
  • Ng Garion, Yu Xuan

Open Category


Team SEA Minervans (from San Francisco)

Names of team members:

  • Michelle Lee
  • Wei-Ting Yap
  • Amalanand Muthukumaran
  • Zheng Xin Yong

First Runner-up

Team jj.io

Names of team members:

  • Jarvin Ong
  • Justinian Siah
  • Isaac Ashwin Ravindran
  • Oon Tong Tan

Second Runner-up

Team Datawin

Names of team members:

  • Steven Fu
  • Pern piao, Calvin Soh
  • Jing Wen, Emily Mai
  • Benjamin Yap


Business Challenges

The theme for this year’s SIA App Challenge is “Be Part of SIA’s Digital Transformation”. The business challenges are focused on two areas – Customer and Operations. Here's a sneak peek into the challenges, more will be revealed at the kick-off!


The Singapore Stopover Holiday (SSH) currently requires passengers to collect a pack of vouchers and brochures on arrival. It is a challenge to keep them updated on special events and operation hours of tourist attractions. How can we make this more seamless for our customers?

Setting up seat displays at trade shows and corporate events overseas is costly and logistically complicated. It also has limited marketing outreach. How can we make the displays more accessible for our customers and agents?

Youths are not necessarily attracted to the KrisFlyer programme. How can we introduce gamification and digital elements into the current programme to gain awareness and build brand loyalty among youths?

Customers visit our service centre to get assistance with bookings. Waiting time can be varied and long, and sometimes, interaction over the counter may be transactional with no personal element. How can customer experience at service centres be enhanced with the help of technology?

Airlines have common platforms such as website, mobile app, chatbots etc to allow customers to book their flights. What are some other new booking platforms we can introduce to our customers?

Passengers’ contact information is often missing or inaccurate in their bookings. It is therefore difficult to ensure accurate information during flight disruptions. It involves considerable amount of manual effort to update this information. How can we ensure we have this data and keep our customers updated in a delay?


Inaccurate dimensions between booking and submission of cargo shipments can cause inefficient allocation of valuable aircraft space. How can we get more accurate dimensions and optimise our revenue?

There are thousands of serviceware items (e.g crockery, glassware) used on every flight. Inventory imbalances can build up at different locations over time. How can we track such serviceware and optimise our inventory to minimize wastage?

Repairing cabin defects (e.g broken tray tables) is part and parcel of engineering operations. Keeping track and ensuring speedy rectification for such defects for each aircraft is logistically challenging for our various teams and service providers (e.g SIAEC). How can we manage this digitally and keep the number of defects to a minimal level?

As the icon of our industry-leading brand of service, the recruitment of cabin crew is carried out meticulously through many rounds of selection. With over a thousand candidates in each exercise, this can be resource intensive and time consuming. How can we improve this recruitment process and at the same time inspire more millennial to be part of the cabin crew?

Click here for more details on the business challenges.

# Due to the technical complexity of these challenges, teams attempting these challenges will get an additional 20% bonus points.

In addition, a bonus prize will be given to the best of these teams.

Event Details


Event Kick-Off

21 Oct 2017

Venue: The Hangar@ NUS Enterprise

Address: Level 1, I-Cube, 21 Heng Mui Keng Terrace S(119613)

Click here for directions to the venue.

  • Registration
  • Presentations on airline domain knowledge
  • Workshops on Design Thinking, Intellectual Property Rights, Technology Platforms/API and our specific business challenges

Event Finale

28 Oct 2017

Venue: The Hangar @ NUS Enterprise

Address: Level 1, I-Cube, 21 Heng Mui Keng Terrace S(119613)

  • Presentation and demonstration of prototypes
  • Judging and presentation of prizes


Event Kick-off

21 Oct 2017

  • 0800: Registration and Breakfast
  • 0900: Welcome & Opening Address
  • 0910: Keynote Address
  • 0920: Guest Speakers
    Mastercard, TCS
  • 0950: Airline Domain Presentations
    Customer Experience, Airline Operations
  • 1020: App Challenge Business Challenges
  • 1035: Platform & API Presentations
    Amadeus, Amazon, Cisco, RedHat, SIA Digital Services
  • 1150: Introduction to SIA IT HR
  • 1200: Lunch
  • 1330: Business Challenges Sharing
    Customer (Auditorium), Operations (Conference Room)
  • 1430: Design Thinking Workshop
  • 1530: Tea Break
  • 1600: Introduction to Intellectual Property (Auditorium)
  • 1700: End

Remote Coding and Mentoring

23-27 Oct 2017

  • Teams/Individuals will work on their ideas and prototypes
  • Mentoring from SIA executives and IT partners will be provided

Submission of Codes

27 Oct 2017

  • Codes to be submitted by 17:59pm
  • Submission portal will be advised at a later date

Event Finale

28 Oct 2017

  • 0800: Registration and Breakfast
  • 0900: Briefing @ Level 1 Auditorium
  • 0930: Closed-door Qualifiers (Student and Open Categories)
  • 1200: Lunch
  • 1320: Photo-taking, Announcement of Finalists & Lucky Draw
  • 1400: Finale (Student Category)
  • 1500: Tea Break
  • 1515: Finale (Open Category)
  • 1630: Tea Break
  • 1645: Announcement of Winners
  • 1700: Final address by CEO and photo-taking with winners
  • 1730: End

Business Value


User Experience

Technical Competency



Student Category

Tech trip to Silicon Valley on Singapore Airlines Economy Class for all team members including accommodation and transfers

Grand Prize

50,000 KrisFlyer miles for each team member

Second Prize

30,000 KrisFlyer miles for each team member

Third Prize

Open Category

Return air ticket for all team members to any Singapore Airlines destination and team prize of SGD5,000 cash

Grand Prize

Team prize of SGD3,000

Second Prize

Team prize of SGD1,500

Third Prize


To be released shortly

Here are some APIs contributed by us and our supporting partners to help you with your development

The Amadeus Travel Innovation Sandbox:

The Amadeus Travel Innovation Sandbox is an environment to help you turn your great travel ideas into working prototypes – the first step you need to get your project supported and funded. Through the sandbox, you get access to well-documented REST/JSON APIs backed by Amadeus services and global content, to get going with your project right away. No previous travel industry experience required.




Expedia Public APIs

A set of APIs that expose Expedia's vast database of travel related information including, but not limited to, flights, hotels, destinations, activities, and deals. Details on each API such as descriptions, and request-response patterns are provided in Expedia's website in the link below.


API Key:

Here is the API Key: 531bd696-5113-469c-8086-39073fe89517

To use the API, go to https://hackathon.expedia.com/ and then on the Public API’s tab, you can find all the APIs that have been opened up for use. The trick is to append to the query, “key=531bd696-5113-469c-8086-39073fe89517”. On the workshop, we will also discuss the usage of the API.

Example: https://terminal2.expedia.com/x/mhotels/search?city=SEATTLE&checkInDate=2017-12-01&checkOutDate=2017-12-03&room1=2&key=531bd696-5113-469c-8086-39073fe89517




A suite of APIs that complement the traditional ones that usually revolve around Booking and Reservation of tickets and associated ancillaries.




Mastercard APIs

The following are APIs that provide innovative payment mechanisms that can change the way customers are engaged during purchasing touch-points. The fraud scoring API below helps in identifying possible misuse of credentials.

Fraud Scoring for Merchants Masterpass Integration and Onboarding Masterpass QR Originating Institution and Receiving Institution Masterpass Chatbot

For the on-going support for the participants, a Slack group is created to answer questions during the AppChallenge period. Participants can join the chat group using the following link:

Link to the chat group



Here are devices that will allow you make your solutions pop out (literally!)

Samsung GearVR

Samsung Gear VR is Samsung’s first virtual reality device that was developed in collaboration with Oculus. The wearable provides immersive and enchanting experiences to the users. All you need is to snap compatible smartphones like the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge into the Gear VR.

The VR devices will be placed at central locations that participants will be able to access upon fixing appointments. The devices will also be on display during the kick-off (21st Oct), where participants will be given demos on the capabilities of the VR devices. Finally, the devices will be made available on the Demo Day (28th Oct) so that participants can load their solutions in the devices to do the demonstration to the judges.

Link: GearVR Developer Website

Amazon Echo Dots

Echo Dot is a hands-free, voice-controlled device that uses the same far-field voice recognition as Amazon Echo. Dot has a built-in speaker and also connects over Bluetooth or with the included audio cable—to your own speaker. Customers can ask the Echo Dot for information, music, news, and weather from across the room and get answers instantly.

The Echo devices will also be made available during the AppChallenge Week at Amazon's Singapore Office. More details on how to book a slot to access the devices will be provided during their workshop, so if you are intending to use this device in your solution don't forget to sign up for their workshop!

Link: Alexa Skills Kit




1. Sakthis Kumar - sakthis@sakthis.net

2. Senthamil Selvan -senthamilv@outlook.com

3. Kenneth Ham – sia_appchallenge@kennetham.com


Go to freenode.net -> Start chat and join #openshift-dev channel


Slack Channel


24/7 support: http://bit.do/ExpediaAPI





Terms and Conditions

Who will be eligible?

The SIA App Challenge 2017 (the "Competition") is open to:

  1. Current diploma or university students, who are studying in an Institute of Higher Learning in Singapore, and possess a corresponding valid institution’s identity document (e.g. student or matriculation card) for the Student Category.

  2. For the Student Category, any participant who has not attained eighteen (18) years of age as of 21st October 2017, must obtain proper parental/guardian’s consent to participate in the Competition. The consent form signed by the parent/guardian should be submitted along with the terms and conditions acceptance form at the time of registration. Participants under the age of eighteen (18) as at 21st October 2017 will be automatically disqualified from this Competition if proper consent has not been obtained.

  3. All who do not qualify for the Student Category and are at least (18) years of age at the time of registration should participate in the Open Category.

  4. Employees of Singapore Airlines Limited (“SIA Employees”) may be invited to participate in the Open Category.


How can I participate?

  1. You are to form teams with a minimum of two participants and up to a maximum of four participants. Each participant is only permitted to join one team. This applies to both the Student and Open categories.

  2. Each participant must individually register his/her participation in the Competition and submit all the required fields before the registration closing date and time or before the registration reaches the Competition's full capacity, whichever is earlier.

  3. You must appear in person and onsite at the Competition venues on the Competition dates and by the registration time or you may not be allowed to participate in the Competition.

  4. You or your team must solve at least one (1) of the business challenges provided at the Competition.

  5. Provide your Submission(s) (as defined in Clause 3.1 of the Other Terms and Conditions) to SIA in the manner and by the time stipulated by SIA on 27th October 2017, which will be announced at a later date.


What are the rules and regulations?

  • Each team may make one Submission.

  • All Submission(s) must be original work. Any form of plagiarism or copying is not allowed.

  • All Submission(s) must be new. Any work that has been submitted for other competitions (whether in Singapore or overseas) or has been used for commercial purposes and/or has been published in any media will not be accepted.

  • SIA shall not be responsible for entries that are lost or contain corrupted data due to whatever reasons.

  • SIA staff and immediate family members (i.e. spouse and children) of staff who are part of the SIA App Challenge team planning, managing and overseeing this Competition, as well as the Competition’s sponsors’ or partners’ staff and immediate family members of such staff who are part of the team planning, managing and overseeing this Competition, are not eligible to participate in the Competition.

By registering for this Competition, you consent to SIA's collection, use and disclosure of your personal data in accordance with SIA’s Privacy Policy, which can be found at www.singaporeair.com, in order to administer the Competition for SIA's marketing and promotional purposes, to attribute you as the inventor/author of the invention/work that you create for the purposes of the Competition, administer assignment of the rights in the invention or work to SIA (if applicable) and/or for workshops organized by the sponsors of the Competition (the “Purposes”).

Please note that registration for this Competition is administered through Eventbrite's website, which SIA does not exercise control over. We encourage you to review Eventbrite's own terms and conditions and privacy policy, which can be found at https://www.eventbrite.sg/privacypolicy/, governing the use of Eventbrite's website before submitting your personal data to Eventbrite.

Please refer to the Other Terms and Conditions which also apply to the Competition and shall be deemed to be incorporated by reference in, and form part of, these Terms and Conditions. If you disagree with any of the Terms and Conditions (including the Other Terms and Conditions), please do not register for or participate in the Competition.


Frequently Asked Questions

SIA App Challenge is a coding competition open to all tertiary students and non-students. We invite you to come and showcase your talent in creating innovative ideas and solutions for real-world business challenges.

We will Kick-Off the App Challenge on Saturday, 21 Oct 2017. Business Challenges for both the Student and Open Categories will be announced on 7th October 2017.

After which, you will have one week (23-27 Oct) to formulate your ideas and develop your prototypes. Consultations with business and IT mentors will also be made available during this period.

On the following Saturday (28 Oct), your team will have to present your ideas and prototypes to a panel of judges.

Food and drinks will be available on both Saturdays & don’t forget to bring your own laptop and any other equipment or materials you need during these 2 days!

You are only allowed to participate in the Student Category if you are a full-time tertiary student and are matriculated in a tertiary institution located in Singapore. Tertiary students under the age of 18 are permitted to join but are required to seek parental/ guardian’s consent to participate and that the consent form signed by the parent/ guardian must be submitted at the time of registration.

The Open category is open to any non-student.

For both the Student and Open Categories, there must be a minimum of 2 per team, with up to a maximum of four team members.

For both the Student and Open Categories, there must be a minimum of 2 per team, with up to a maximum of four team members.

You can register first as an individual via Eventbrite. Once you have found your team mates in the kick-off event (21 October 2017), you may then form a team.

It is compulsory for at least one member from the team to attend the Kick-Off event as we will be sharing more information on the business challenges as well as essential knowledge and development tools for the competition. It will also be an opportunity for you to meet SIA executives, technology and industry professionals.

You are free to use any kind of technology / tools / datasets that can be found in the public domain. As long as you are authorised & have the valid license to use them.

No, information shared by SIA and industry partners should be used for the purposes of the competition only. Please see the section on Confidentiality in the Other Terms & Conditions.

You will receive an email confirmation in your registration account.

Team name and password (set during team creation)

Please kindly email sia_appchallenge@singaporeair.com.sg for any further assistance.

You would need to present a working prototype at the pitching session on 28 Oct.

The prototype should have the key features that meet the selected business challenges. It should demonstrate these features, and not in alternative forms such as presentation slides or videos etc

A Judging Panel will be formed to evaluate the idea and working prototype on 28 October 2017. All team members of the team must be present for the presentation. You will be evaluated based on Business Value, Technical Competency, Innovation, User Experience and Presentation

You will have 5 minutes to complete your demonstration and pitch your idea and working prototype. There will be a two-minute Q&A session.

It must be submitted to the platform determined by the organiser (time, date, format). The platform name will be advised at an appropriate time.

Presentation will be using the copy uploaded to this platform.

Participants will fully own their solution after the App Challenge. All submissions (and all intellectual property rights contained therein) to SIA will be the property of the participants. Please see the section on Intellectual Property Rights in the Full Terms & Conditions.

Please contact the organising committee via email at SIA_AppChallenge@singaporeair.com.sg

The business challenges will be shared on 07 October. You should start conceptualising with your team members and shortlist suitable technology and business challenges to explore prior to the event kick-off on 21 Oct 2017.

No. You will need to bring your own computer/device(s) and materials. Network access will be provided at the venue.

Only registered participants will be allowed in the competition venue.

Information and directions are provided in Event Details

Yes. Log in at https://www.eventbrite.sg/o/singapore-airlines-8341235771 with your registered email account and amend your details.

Yes. Sign up at https://www.eventbrite.sg/o/singapore-airlines-8341235771 with your registered email account and change your team.

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