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    SingaporeAir, A great way to fly

    Be creative and build an application that you, the modern traveller, will find delightful, engaging and fuss free!

    There should be a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 members per team.
    Email us at SIA_AppChallenge.com.sg if you need help in team formation!

  • Exciting prizes to be won!

    Student Category Grand prize: Tech trip to Silicon Valley on Singapore Airlines Economy Class for all team members

    Open Category Grand prize: Return Economy Class ticket for all team members to any Singapore Airlines destination and team prize of SGD5,000 cash

  • Block the dates

    Event kick-Off: 1st Oct 2016 at SIA Sports Club

    Event Finale: 8th Oct 2016 at Hangar@ NUS Enterprise

    Workshops from 1st Sep 2016 to 5th Oct 2016 at various locations

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SingaporeAir, A Great Way To Fly

Be creative and build an application that you, the modern traveller, will find delightful, engaging and fuss free!

Show us how you can use technology to enrich your travel experience.

Business challenges will be unveiled during the Kick-Off session on 1 Oct 2016!

Event Details


Event Kick-Off

1 Oct 2016

Venue: SIA Sports Club

Address: 726 Upper Changi Road East S(486046)

  • Unveiling of the SIA App Challenge business challenges
  • Presentations on airline domain knowledge
  • Design Thinking Workshop
  • Shuttle buses will be provided between Tanah Merah MRT and SIA Sports Club

Event Finale

8 Oct 2016

Venue: The Hangar by NUS Enterprise

Address: Level 1, I-Cube, 21 Heng Mui Keng Terrace S(119613)

  • Presentation and demonstration of prototypes
  • Judging and presentation of prizes


Event Kick-off

1 Oct 2016

  • 0800: Registration, Breakfast and Network Session
  • 0900: Event Commencement
    • Airline Domain Presentations
    • API and Platform Presentations
    • Unveiling of Business Challenges
  • 1230: Lunch
  • 1330: Optional:
    • Design Thinking Workshop (4hrs)
  • 1730: End of Kick-Off

Remote Coding and Mentoring

3-7 Oct 2016

  • Teams/Individuals will work on their ideas and prototypes
  • Mentoring from SIA executives and IT partners will be provided

Submission of Codes

7 Oct 2016

  • Codes to be submitted by 11:59pm
  • Submission portal will be advised at a later date

Event Finale

8 Oct 2016

  • 0800: Breakfast
  • 0900: Event Commencement
    • Presentation of submissions
    • Judging
  • 1230: Lunch
  • 1330: Continuation of Presentations and Judging
  • 1600: Award presentation
  • 1700: Bon Voyage

Business Value


User Experience

Technical Competency



Student Category

Tech trip to Silicon Valley on Singapore Airlines Economy Class for all team members. Accommodations and transfers included.

Grand Prize

50,000 KrisFlyer miles for each team member

Second Prize

30,000 KrisFlyer miles for each team member

Third Prize

Team prize of prepaid MasterCard worth USD2,000

Red Hat OpenShift Award

Open Category

Return air-ticket for all team members to any Singapore Airlines destination and team prize of SGD5,000 cash

Grand Prize

Team prize of SGD3,000

Second Prize

Team prize of SGD1,500

Third Prize

Team prize of prepaid MasterCard worth USD2,000

Red Hat OpenShift Award


In this interactive workshop on 1 Oct from 1:30pm, Stuart Smith would introduce the concept of Design Thinking. Participants will also have a hands-on experience on using this approach and tools.

Here are some resources contributed by us and our supporting partners to help you.

Singapore Airlines APIs

Boarding Pass:

Generates a scannable QR code after a passenger has checked in to his/her flight. As the data is time sensitive, do check back for latest code sample if the current one is not working.

curl -H 'user-key:a577f3992827c60ff1c953b2eae921db' -X POST http://apidev.singaporeair.com/csl/getBoardingPassQRCode?inputParams=%7B%22pnrReferenceNo%22%3A%225SXQFZ%22%2C%22pax0%22%3A%7B%22uci%22%3A%222301C883000071DA%22%2C%22dids%22%3A%5B%222301D8830000DAAB%22%2C%222301C8830000D902%22%5D%2C%22pax1%22%3A%7B%22uci%22%3A%222301C883000071DB%22%2C%22dids%22%3A%5B%222301D8830000DAAC%22%2C%222301C8830000D903%22%5D%7D%7D%7D

Link: Documentation

Seat Map:

Provides a view of the seats that passengers are able to select on their flights.

curl -H 'user-key:52c4e79231d7e5643012643d537d2b41' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -X POST -d '{"requestHeader":{"channelID":"MTT","apiKey":"","sessionID":"","version":"1.0"},"requestBody":{"pnr":"5SQHJ2","seatType":"PSS","flightDetailsBO":[{"departureDate":"","departureCityCode":"","arrivalCityCode":"","marketingAirlineCode":"","flightNumber":"","classOfService":"","segmentID":""}]}}' http://apidev.singaporeair.com/sia/api/seat/getmap

Link: Documentation



The Amadeus Travel Innovation Sandbox:

The Amadeus Travel Innovation Sandbox is an environment to help you turn your great travel ideas into working prototypes – the first step you need to get your project supported and funded. Through our sandbox, you get access to well-documented REST/JSON APIs backed by Amadeus services and global content, to get going with your project right away. No previous travel industry experience required.

The Sandbox is for students, individuals or early stage startups. Actually, anyone with a great idea and who wants to try it out with Amadeus

With our sandbox, your creativity is the limit. A ground-breaking service for travellers, a killer app for travel agents, a unique way to extract business insight from travel data… The sandbox gives you APIs to get you started. It’s up to you to invent the rest!




Hotel – Expedia hotel booking platform APIs:

A set of Apis(s) used to expose Expedia hotel inventory for a city, region or latitude and longitude based co-ordinate. Some of the search criteria include checkin and checkout dates, number of traveller including adults and children and a list of hotel ids. A client can further drill down into a specific hotel to get the pricing and availability of all the rooms offered. A client can query static information of a hotel (based on a hotel id) to get the hotel name, address, geographic location information, images, policies and amenities for that hotel. Among the set there are Apis(s) that provide both cached and detailed pricing.

Flights – Flight booking platform API:

Provides flight's availability and pricing for a given origin and destination airports and travel dates. Currently international airports are not supported. Only US to US and Canada to Canada airports are supported. This API can be used to get diverse set of Flight results for a given search criteria (involving Origin, Destination). Fare calendar, which provides a least expensive flight for each day in the requested date range. For the purpose of this hackathon, the search query will be fenced to flights from Singapore Airlines only.

Tours / Attractions – local expert API:

Expedia’s Activities API offers Search and Details functionality to explore “things to do” in a location of interest. Search API provides the list of activities with brief summary about each activity. To get more details for each activity, you can use the Details API.

hackathon.expedia.com (Participants will be given a password to access on event day)



PayPal REST APIs and SDK:

Accept payments with PayPal's robust REST APIs that processes payments, manages invoices, accounts and more. Or open the door for Apple Pay, Android Pay and whatever's next with v.zero SDK - suitable for any type of integration, whether you want a quick and easy payment solution or a completely customized payment experience.

v.zero SDK
v.zero Sandbox Account creation
REST Sandbox Account creation



Developer.aero APIs:

Developer.aero was launched in 2012 by SITA to become the ATI Community “Hub” for APIs. We facilitate access to data and services for developers and integrators to build complete Air Transport Industry solutions.

Developer.aero was designed as a shared service for SITA, enabling the development of APIs for ASL (Airport Solutions Line), PSL (Passenger Solutions Line), CIS (Communication and Infrastructure Services) , SITAOnAir (e-Aircraft solutions), CHAMP (Cargosystems).

Beacon API - Access to SITA’s Beacon Registry
Airport API - Get information on all major IATA Airports
Boarding Pass API - Create and distribute mobile boarding passes
BagJourney API - Gets the real-time status of bags or gets a list of bag tags for a particular flight or list of delayed tags for that flight
FlightFollower API – Provides GIF image of flight on its route
FlightInfo API –Provides flight statistics and flight information from airports around the world
Weather API – Provides current and forecasted weather for global airports
WaitTime API – Projected time that an individual will to have to wait at a airport security line or customs queue.

developer.aero APIs



Terms and Conditions

Who will be eligible?

The SIA App Challenge 2016 (the "Competition") is open to:

  1. Current diploma or university students, who are studying in an Institute of Higher Learning in Singapore, and possess a corresponding valid institution’s identity document (e.g. student or matriculation card) for the Student Category.

  2. For the Student Category, any participant who has not attained eighteen (18) years of age as of 1st October 2016, must obtain proper parental/guardian’s consent to participate in the Competition. The consent form signed by the parent/guardian should be submitted along with the terms and conditions acceptance form. Participants under the age of eighteen (18) as at 1st October 2016 will be automatically disqualified from this Competition if proper consent has not been obtained.

  3. All who do not qualify for the Student Category and are at least (18) years of age at the time of registration should participate in the Open Category.

  4. Employees of Singapore Airlines Limited (“SIA Employees”) may be invited to participate in the Open Category. The number of SIA Employees in any team in the Open Category shall not be more than 50% of the total number of members of the team. SIA reserves the right to disqualify any team participating in the Open Category which do not comply with the restrictions set out in this Clause. For the avoidance of doubt, SIA Employees may only participate in the Open Category as a member of a team and are not permitted to participate in the Competition individually.


How can I participate?

  1. For both the Student and Open Categories, there must be a minimum of 2 per team or up to a maximum of four (4) team members. Each participant is only permitted to join one team.

  2. Regardless of whether you compete as an individual or in a team, each participant must individually register his/her participation in the Competition and submit all the required fields before the registration closing date and time and before the registration reaches the Competition’s capacity.

  3. You must appear in person and onsite at the Competition venues on the Competition dates and by the registration time or you may not be allowed to participate in the Competition.

  4. You or your team must solve at least one (1) of the business challenges provided at the Competition.

  5. Provide your Submission(s) (as defined in Clause 3.1 of the Other Terms and Conditions) to SIA in the manner and by the time stipulated by SIA on 7th October 2016, which will be announced at a later date.


What are the rules and regulations?

  • Each participant or team may make more than one Submission.

  • All Submission(s) must be original work. Any form of plagiarism or copying is not allowed.

  • All Submission(s) must be new. Any work that has been submitted for other competitions (whether in Singapore or overseas) or has been used for commercial purposes and/or has been published in any media will not be accepted.

  • SIA shall not be responsible for entries that are lost or contain corrupted data due to whatever reasons.

  • SIA staff and immediate family members (i.e. spouse and children) of staff who are part of the SIA App Challenge team planning, managing and overseeing this Competition, as well as the Competition’s sponsors’ or partners’ staff and immediate family members of such staff who are part of the team planning, managing and overseeing this Competition, are not eligible to participate in the Competition.

By registering for this Competition, you consent to SIA's collection, use and disclosure of your personal data in accordance with SIA’s Privacy Policy, which can be found at www.singaporeair.com, in order to administer the Competition including but not limited to providing a platform to facilitate the formation of teams with SIA Employees in the Open Category, for SIA's marketing and promotional purposes, to attribute you as the inventor/author of the invention/work that you create for the purposes of the Competition, administer assignment of the rights in the invention or work to SIA (if applicable) and/or for workshops organized by the sponsors of the Competition (the “Purposes”).

Please note that registration for this Competition is administered through Eventbrite's website, which SIA does not exercise control over. We encourage you to review Eventbrite's own terms and conditions and privacy policy, which can be found at https://www.eventbrite.sg/privacypolicy/, governing the use of Eventbrite's website before submitting your personal data to Eventbrite.

Click here for Other Terms and Conditions which also apply to the Competition and shall be deemed to be incorporated by reference in, and form part of, these Terms and Conditions. If you disagree with any of the Terms and Conditions (including the Other Terms and Conditions), please do not register for or participate in the Competition.

Click here for Social media contest terms and conditions


Frequently Asked Questions

SIA App Challenge is a coding competition open to all tertiary students and non-students. We invite you to come and showcase your talent in creating innovative ideas and solutions for real-world business challenges.

We will Kick-Off the App Challenge on Saturday, 1 Oct 2016. Business Challenges for both the Student and Open Categories will be announced that morning.

After which, you will have one week (3-7 Oct) to formulate your ideas and develop your prototypes. Consultations with business and IT mentors will also be made available during this period.

On the following Saturday (8 Oct), your team will have to present your ideas and prototypes to a panel of judges.

Food and drinks will be available on both Saturdays & don’t forget to bring your own laptop and any other equipment or materials you need during these 2 days!

You are only allowed to participate in the Student Category if you are a full time tertiary student and are matriculated in a tertiary institution located in Singapore. Tertiary students under the age of 18 are permitted to join but are required to seek parental/ guardian’s consent to participate and that the consent form signed by the parent/ guardian must be submitted at the time of registration.

The Open category is open to any non-students.

If you have any tertiary student(s) in your group for the Open category, he/she must be at least 18 years of age.

For both the Student and Open Categories, there must be a minimum of 2 per team, with up to a maximum of four team members.

Yes. If you are interested, please indicate this in the registration form and we will get back to you with more details!

For both the Student and Open Categories, there must be a minimum of 2 per team, with up to a maximum of four team members.

If you need help forming a team, please indicate your interest in the registration form and we will get back to you with more details!

You are strongly encouraged to attend the Kick-Off event as we will be revealing the business challenges and sharing with you essential knowledge and development tools for the competition. It will also be an opportunity for you to meet SIA executives, technology and industry professionals.

You are free to use any kind of technology / tools / datasets that can be found in the public domain. As long as you are authorised & have the valid license to use them.

No, information shared by SIA and industry partners should be used for the purposes of the competition only. Please see the section on Confidentiality in the Other Terms & Conditions.

You would need to present a working prototype at the pitching session on 8 Oct.

The prototype should have the key features that meet the selected business challenges. It should demonstrate these features, and not in alternative forms such as presentation slides or videos etc

A Judging Panel will be formed to evaluate the idea and working prototype on 8 October 2016. All team members of the team must be present for the presentation. You will be evaluated based on Business Value, Technical Competency, Innovation, User Experience and Presentation

You will have 5 minutes to complete your demonstration and pitch your idea and working prototype. There will also be a 2 minutes Q&A session.

It must be submitted to the platform determined by the organiser (time, date, format). The platform name will be advised at an appropriate time.

Presentation will be using the copy uploaded to this platform.

Participants will fully own their solution after the App Challenge. All submissions (and all intellectual property rights contained therein) to SIA will be the property of the participants. Should the participants wish to sell the intellectual property rights comprised in the submissions, they would have to inform SIA and we will be granted the right of first refusal to purchase for the amount of (ten thousand Singapore dollars) (S$10,000). Please see the section on Intellectual Property Rights in the Other Terms & Conditions.

Please contact the organising committee via email at SIA_AppChallenge@singaporeair.com.sg

The business challenges will be shared at the Kick-Off event on 1 October, which may then be an opportune time for you to start development.

No. You will need to bring your own computer/device(s) and materials. Network access will be provided at the venue.

Only registered participants will be allowed in the competition venue.

Information and directions are provided in Event Details

AppChallenge 2015

More than 100 students from eight Singapore-based universities and polytechnics participated in the finale event of Singapore Airlines’ first-ever technology challenge on 3 and 10 October where a total of 30 ideas and prototypes were received/evaluated. The top team won a trip to Silicon Valley in the US, the global capital of technology and innovation, where they met with executives from companies such as Google and IBM. The second and third place teams won 50,000 and 30,000 KrisFlyer miles, respectively.


Team EnthuSIAst

Description of prototype: Enhance the end-to-end inflight experience between passengers and cabin crew

First Runner-up

Team Invulnerable

Description of prototype: Improving the resting patterns of passengers on board

Second Runner-up

Team Lambda

Description of prototype: Virtual inflight assistant




Registration will be open from 18th July to 26th September.

Student Category

Download parental consent form for participants below 18 years old

Open Category


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